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Since I have been lurking in this group for so long without so much as saying anything I thought it was about time that I did.  I have since various movies of Vinnie's throughout the years without paying much attention to his characters.  Like with "Gone in 60 Seconds" my attention was mostly on those gorgeous cars (especially Eleanor though she was a fake shelby, still gorgeous).  I had also seen "Swordfish" without thinking much of his character (or the movie) and over course "X3".  I'd say that my interest in him grew when a friend, after months of bad-mouthing "Gone in 60 Seconds" finally saw the movie and thought that the Sphinx was badass.  And then that was all he talked about was Sphinx this, Sphinx that, and told me about the other movies he was in and encouraged me to see them.  And well, since I love watching movies (my dvd collection is now 350+) and I love looking into new talent and genres I looked into movies that interested me.  First saw "Lock, Stock" because it was the only one at Borders and I loved that... then I saw "Mean Machine" which the first run through I thought was boring (loved Monk) but then I watched it again when I was more awake and I loved it.  So pretty much I have seen just about all his movies with the exception of "Night at the Golden Eagle" and "The Condemned".  And well, I'm not from England and with my multi-regional dvd player caput I haven't seen "Played" yet either.  

Simply put, his movies are wonderful to watch and mostly fun even if it isn't his character that I am rooting for.  Movies like "Mysterious Island" (Hallmark's adaptation of Jules Verne's sequel to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea") is amusing in it's own ha-ha sort of way but Vinnie really makes the movie worth watching.  Then if you see the children's movie "Tooth" he's the villian "The Extractor" whom... well, you just have to see the movie because if I explain it then it will have given it away.  But if you can watch children's movies and get around the typical kiddy themes then you'll find this one quite enjoyable.  I'm 22 and I loved the movie.  Then again I also liked "Pride" (another British children's movie).

"The Big Bounce", "Eurotrip", and "Blast" didn't impress me much but his roles in the first two weren't that great so there wasn't much to go on.  And not only that but with "The Big Bounce" there was little to follow with the mediocre plot and so mostly the movie was boring and I eventually put "Tooth" in.  Now "The Number One Girl" had potential, I mean it really did-- Vinnie was awesome as yet another pimp (the purple suit followed by the red suit was a dead give away) though the "fight to the death" scenes were hyped up in the trailer and the blurb but to actually watch it was boring.  Even the fight scenes in "Mortal Kombat" were better than that.  In "The Other Half" he was The Boss, or Danny Dyer's character's subconscience and he was a scary sort who gave Danny a little pep-talk about decieving his wife about the football games in Portugal.  And despite the reviews I actually found this movie highly entertaining with the commentary going back and forth between the two sports commentators and then Vinnie's brief bits in it.

Then if you've seen "Survive Style 5+" heh there's not much I can say about that other than it was wicked brilliant!  Gah that was so hilarious and it's confusing but at the same time it makes perfect sense!  Vinnie played a foreign assassin and his main thing was: "What is your funtion in life?"  I mean, he's psychotic and he kills a hypnosis calling him "useless" yet at the end on the airplane he stares down this piece of brocoli and demands the same question.  And that's of course after he's seen the man who thinks he's a bird flying outside his window with the guy who's girlfriend Vinnie's character killed.  

My favorite movies of his are definitely the Guy Ritchie films and not only because of his roles in it as Big Chris (Lock, Stock) then Bullet-tooth Tony (Snatch) but also because of the dynamic characters set up in the movie as well as an engaging plot that is both dark and humorous at the same time.  Then of course I absolutely love "Mean Machine" and watch that more than the new "The Longest Yard".  I like "Mean Machine" because I think the characters overall mesh a lot better than "The Longest Yard" and I've always prefered football to American football.  Then of course, despite the darkness of the film, I absolutely loved "Johnny Was".

If there's any doubt to the variety of roles that Vinnie can play, watch this movie.  Even in "Mean Machine" his character wasn't as compassionate and deep like Johnny Doyle and his performance definitely shows him as being a natural at acting.  My favorite line from the movie is his response to Samantha Mumba's character wanting to give the kid an injection of heroin to ease his pain and Johnny says, "I have a conscience!"  His lines for the most part are brilliant and when he speaks he commands attention, which is great because if you are not busy being scared by his intimidating form you just might learn something.

"Here at Illyria we do not discriminate based on gender!"

Anyways, that's probably a lot more than anyone, including me, expected to read so I'll just end it here.  If there's any question to the movies he's been in and if it's worth seeing, drop me a line.  I'm a huge fan of movies and my interests are extremely varied so some of my opinions might be quite biased. :)

Also, I know some communities require a picture to go with your post so to make it legal:

"All right Nancy boy---"
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